Why Us

Why Choose Us for your INVITATIONS?

1. Because our invitations are
one-of-a-kind, all designed by our fabulous designer, Teshia Polley. You will not find our invitations sold anywhere else!

2. Because EVERYTHING on our website can be customized with different colors, papers, fonts, envelopes, and whatever you can dream up!

4. We offer a custom design service to make your event one that is truly unique!!

5. Printing your own photo invitations or save-the-date cards? We offer the digital design service too! Simply purchase from one of our already designed options (COMING SOON), or purchase a custom design and we will send you a PDF file to have printed at the location of your choice!

6. We have wonderful clients, read our REVIEWS HERE and see what others are saying!

Kelsey Webb - WNCI Radio 97.9
Columbus, Ohio

"As a bride, you dream about a vendor who can take an idea and run with it. Teshia from Dolce Papel not only created my dream invitations, but also came up with the greatest ideas. She designed my entire invitation suite and reception items. My wedding is coming up in June, and Teshia's talents set the mood for my special day!"
Jenni Yelle
Rochester, New York

Teshia did my wedding invitations and my thank you cards. I was unsure of what I wanted and she came up with something so perfect I used part of the design on my wedding cake! I know I will be using her for my next big event!!"
Valerie Hawvermale
Greenfield, Ohio

Teshia did my wedding invitations, and I was so happy with them! Her designs are beautiful and creative! My invitations were unique and exactly what I wanted. Teshia truly seems to love her job, and she is very good with customer service! I would highly recommend Teshia to any bride!!"
When choosing your designer, there are some important things we'd like you to keep in mind about us. Other than our amazing online portfolio, here are a few good reasons you should choose us for your business:

1. We listen to you.
We know that the identity and marketing of your business is just as important as your product and customer service. We ask a lot of questions before and while working with you so that we have a clear understanding of exactly what you're after before we start working on your designs. We may even ask you in-depth questions that you hadn't thought of to help spark ideas for your designs. We may even ask you to provide samples of things that you like in order for us to create exactly what you're looking for in our very first preliminary designs. This saves us a lot of proofing/processing time and also allows us to create your truly unique, breath-taking designs.

2. We make sure you're happy with your designs.
We've heard it too many times, "I purchased a very expensive design and it's just 'OK'...I wish I had found you first!" We wish you had too. If you're not satisfied with a design we create for you, we will keep working until you love your new designs. We guarantee that you will be happy with our design services. Feel free to contact any of our former/current clients to ask questions before you choose us. We are confident that you have made the right choice in working with us on the new identity for your important business!

3. We keep your designs on file.
For 5 years. When you become a CADS client, we create a special file for you. All of your emails, receipts, designs, etc goes into your file. This makes working with us a BREEZE because we remember you, and have all of your information at our fingertips. For instance, if we designed your logo 6 months ago and you're now ready to come back and get your business cards designed, simply place your order on our website, we will search your name/business, pull your file and begin designing your new business card to match your existing logo. Convenient? Simply!

We've received this email way too often: "I lost my logo files. I don't know what to do. Can I pay you to re-design it?" No need! We keep them on file and will email them to you right away! We are like a backup for your backup!

4. We have experience + knowledge.
Teshia is no stranger when it comes to design. She has been designing professionally for the past 10 years, but started out with design at an early age. Teshia has designed nearly 85 websites to date, and hundreds of print/marketing goods for an array of businesses. Teshia has designed and printed materials for the Cleveland Browns and the Minnesota Twins. Her professionalism and attention to detail truly set her apart from other designers, and that makes CADS special.

Teshia is also a marketing and website specialist. She has been trained on how to design with an advertising eye by placing colors, information, photos and graphics in just the right places to make sure that the reader of your materials gets to the point, and most importantly, to your business or online store in a matter of seconds. Teshia takes her time and knows how to sort through words and paragraphs of your information so that your potential customers read what is necessary to get them excited about your products or services.

We are constantly learning new things and expanding our skills to help your business soar and stay functional.

5. We know what it's like to run a business.
Owner of 5 different businesses in the last 10 years, Teshia knows what it entails. From keeping the books, to ways to market for new clients, we've been there. Teshia started out designing wedding invitations and created a very successful business from scratch. She has experience and knowledge working from home, working with printers, photographers, accountants, clients, and since she worked with brides for 5 years she CERTAINLY understands deadlines! Therefore, CADS works hard to make things easier for you. Let us take over for you so that you can sit back and take a deep breath for a minute. Our passion with starting and perfecting business is what makes us truly remarkable to work with. Teshia is constantly offering free advice to her clients about networking, advertising, e-mail newsletters, etc.

6. We are a One-stop Business Shop.
And believe it or not this will save you a lot of time and money. We not only design your business items, we print them for you too. DP offers professional printing of all of the business items that we design. Everything from your business cards to over-sized vinyl banners, we've got you covered. We offer glossy printing, matte printing, embossing, full-color, black and white and best of all we offer FREE SHIPPING on all of our print orders.

We also know how to design for you to have your items printed at your own printers. A lot of graphic designers do not know how to design for best print optimization. When you need special sizes with bleeds, CMYK or RGB, pantone colors, file formatting and text conversion, dpi output, etc...we know what those things mean. We will set up your files for you at your printer's specifications so that you won't have any last-minute problems when your designs go to the press.

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