Security & Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy & Security

No information on this site is shared or given out to third parties. All orders are processed securely through Paypal and we are Verisign approved. Though we may list your invitation design on our website for resale, all names, dates and locations will be changed to protect your privacy.

*Please note that we often post photos of invitations that we are processing on our Facebook Page. Every effort is put forth not to show phone numbers or addresses that are printed on your invitations.

 We would love to help! Please email us at with any inquiries you have.
So, we could put a huge privacy policy here about our Graphic Design.
But we won't. Because our website is SAFE, SECURE and Protected by both McAfee, Verisign and we are Paypal Premier Business Members. You can be guaranteed that your information is NOT stored, NOT visible to the public and we won't be submitting anything to any third party agencies.

No worries.

Will you display my designs in your online portfolio?
Yes. Our designs are our copyright when we create them, even though we design them for you. You have the right to use them for their intended purpose
and they are the sole identity for your business. But think of us as like a photographer who watermarks all of their images. We deserve credit for our designs, we hold the title, and we will display our gorgeous work on our website for the world to see. Hey, it's free advertisement for you!!

What we will NOT DO is tell our clients what you paid for your designs.
No way. Even your purchases are kept private. Even though we might display your designs in our portfolio so that people can see what you are having designed, this does not mean we will tell them things about you, your business, how you market, or your business relationship and payment history with us. We keep this between us so that your competitors can't ask questions. We've got your back!

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