How This Works - Graphic Design

How This Works - Graphic Design

How This Works. I make it SIMPLE for you!
It's really very easy to work with me! Check out the details below:


Step 1. Find our Service
Click our Services button to find the service you are needing. From this page, you can view pricing and click the service you want to view the information and purchase.

Step 2. Make Your Purchase
You can check out with your design service right on our website! It's a breeze. I do require payment in full for all projects. You can use Paypal and Credit Cards to purchase on our website. Upon purchase, you will be emailed a receipt. If you do not get a receipt, then your order did not process.

Step 3. Designing Begins!
Your purchase puts you on my waiting list. Typically, it will take about a week to get started on your order. However, I may have a waiting list depending on season (I am usually VERY busy at the beginning of the year through summer). I will contact you after your purchase and ask all necessary questions before I can start on your designs. If you have questions after placing your order simply email me and I will be glad to help you while you are on my waiting list. Even though you will be on my waiting list, I will be creating your file for you and filing all information/ideas/photos that you send to me for your order so that once it's your turn in line, it's all right there and I do not have to email you for information before I can start on your project. You should be emailing me all ideas, wording and information, photos, color choices, etc for your chosen service.

My business is crucial to email contact. In order for me to provide the BEST possible service for you and for me to utilize my time and work on your designs more quickly, I will only work via email. Please understand that I work from home, and at any given time there is a baby crying and dogs barking at the UPS man, so it is difficult to accept phone calls or have consultations in my home. Also, I file all of your emails that you send to me.
This is very important because I can go back and read through all of your information at any time while I am working on your creations for you! If we speak on the phone I do not have this option - and my note taking skills are not so great. So, let's work via email. Don't believe that you can work via email? I make it happen every day! Check my Customer Testimonials to see just how I make it work!

Tips To Help
Try to remember that I have a waiting list for a reason :) My designs are tedious, luxurious and therefore very time-consuming. I take my time with designs and put my passion into my work to create lasting impressions for your business. Sending me email after email actually makes it much harder for me to work on your designs. Therefore, I require you to send only 1 email with ideas/changes/photos etc., I will work on your orders MUCH quicker and much more efficiently.

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