Customer Care

Customer Care - INVITATIONS

We value you tremendously and want you to be 100% satisfied with your invitations and party products from us. We promise and guarantee that our invitations are of the best quality as every detail is given our attention.

In the rare event that you are unhappy
with your order, please email us. Please be aware and understand that we do not process returns or refunds in any circumstance. Samples  can be ordered before ordering to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting before your order will arrive to you. We would also more than love to send you a sample of your custom invitation or product after proof approval to be sure the
colors and all details are perfect.

 We would love to help! Please email us at with any inquiries you have.

Customer Care - GRAPHIC DESIGN

We know that the identity and marketing of your business is just as important as your product and customer service. We ask a lot of questions before and while working with you so that we have a clear understanding of exactly what you're after before we start working on your designs. We may even ask you in-depth questions that you hadn't thought of to help spark ideas for your designs. We take a lot of pride in our creations and want our Customer Service to be top notch.

If you want to express a concern:
Please please email us and let us know what's on your mind! We are so easy to work with and you can't say the wrong thing. But keep in mind we take compliments too :)

If we send you proofs and you are scared to say you don't like them:
Don't be. We don't get it right on the first try every time! That is why we send proofs to you. If you do not like your proofs, then please give us in-depth details about the things you do and do not like. That way, we can get on the right track the second time. We may even ask you to provide samples to better help us understand your vision. But we promise, we don't mind!
If you want to show us love:
We can't get enough, please do! You can leave us a custom testimonial right here on our website!

If you desperately need to contact us:
We WORK VIA EMAIL CONTACT ONLY and are very quick to respond. Our business is crucial to email contact. In order for us to provide the BEST possible service for you and to utilize our time and work on your designs more quickly, we need email contact. Please understand that this is a home-based business, and at any given time there is a kid screaming and dogs barking at the cat, so it is difficult to accept phone calls or have consultations at home.

If you have more questions and have not found your answer:
Here is what you can do -

   • Have you checked our FAQ page?

   • Have you checked our How This Works page for INVITATIONS?

   • Have you checked our How This Works page for GRAPHIC DESIGN?

   • Have you checked our Turn-Around Times page?

   • Have you checked our Cancellation Policy page?

   • If all else fails, just email us so we can answer you!

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