Cancellation & Return Policy

Cancellations & Returns - INVITATIONS

Due to the 100% custom
nature of our products, we do not accept returns.

We do not offer store credit and we can guarantee that no items will be defective because we hand-print and cut every item sold on our website! Therefore, we will inspect and approve all items before shipment.
Also, you will be approving ALL PROOFS before we will process and ship your order so no mistakes are made.
Order cancellations are also not accepted. All orders are FINAL even if we have not started on your order. No exceptions.
Please only order if you are certain of your purchase. You can also order an invitation sample here

Questions? email:
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Cancellations & Returns - GRAPHIC DESIGN
Do you offer a Cancellation Policy?
Sorry, but we do not. Once placed, ALL orders are FINAL.
No cancellations, refunds or returns on custom design, whatsoever, even if we have not started on your designs.

**We, DOLCE PAPEL, reserve the right to deny work and refuse a refund on your purchases if 30 days have passed with no response from you, the client, without prior knowledge. This is to prevent spending months working on your logos, print designs, (prior websites), etc. Plus, we have to take new clients in order to make money, so we can not wait on you unless it was communicated prior. If after 30 days you have NOT approved your proof/s or (prior website) designs, you will be assessed a $100 fee, each 30 day sequence that has passed, for us to continue work on your designs. No exceptions. Please contact us for any questions regarding this prior to purchases.**

What if I do not like my designs?
Then we will design it until you do! It's your business, your identity, and YOU need to love your designs. We can design in any style, and for any type of business. We generally send 2 proofs and allow up to 2 emails full of changes per each of our designs. If your design is not approved after this time, we only charge small fees to keep making changes for you. Incurring extra fees because you do not like your designs has rarely happened at CADS.

Can I get a refund if you have not started work on my designs?
We will not offer a refund. Sorry, but this is a strict policy so please be sure you want to order before you make the commitment.

If you have further questions, please contact us so we can help you!

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