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Invitations F.A.Q.

There is a misspelling on my order.

Our design programs do not have spell check so please make sure you review your free proofs as we are not responsible for any misprints.In the rare case that there is a misspelling on your order, we usually offer to remake and/or reprint your order at half the cost, plus shipping.

Part of my order is missing.

We are only human, and mistakes can happen! If you are missing envelopes, ribbon, or any part of your order please email us and we will get your items out to you ASAP.

I am not satisfied with my order.

Due to the 100% custom nature of our products, we do not accept returns or cancellations on orders with NO exceptions. If you are completely unsatisfied with your order, please email us at sales@dolcepapel.com and let us know what we can help you with.

My sample/proofs have a watermark banner on them.

All of our designs are © copyright Dolce Papel and can and will not be re-used or duplicated. We do this to protect our designs and also to protect you. Your final products will not have a watermark on them.

I ordered less than 10 invitations and my order was not processed.

We require a minimum purchase of 10 for all of our products. Any orders less than 10 will be refunded and not processed.

I placed an order and have not received my digital proofs.

PLEASE EMAIL US ASAP IF YOU DO NOT GET YOUR PROOFS IN 2 BUSINESS DAYS. It is likely an email issue and we will resolve this ASAP. Please check your SPAM box!

I need more than one digital proof.

Sometimes you do and that is OK! We will make 3 changes to your digital proof before it must be approved. If you still need changes after 3 digital proofs, we charge $5.00 per change to compensate for time spent.

What is your shipping information?

We use USPS Priority Mail for all orders unless an arrangement is worked out before.
*Please note that business days are Monday - Friday.

UNITED STATES - Please allow 10 to 20 business days toreceive your orders from us.

INTERNATIONAL - Please allow 15 to 30+ business days toreceive your orders from us.

- We have no control over how long it will take for you to get your orders! Customs can hold your orders for any amount of time for inspections, even if orders are rush shipped.
- We are not responsible for shipping time once we ship, but in most cases we can track it.
- We are not responsible for any duties/fees that you may or may not have to pay upon receiving your packages. That is a Postal regulation and has nothing to do with our shipping methods.
- We can not mark our packages as a gift, etc. to avoid paying fees. This is against our business policy.
- We recommend that ALL international customers order at least 3 months in advance of you needing your products to be sure your order will arrive on time. Again, we are not responsible for the above and there are NO EXCEPTIONS.

Do you accept rush orders?

In most cases we can accommodate rush orders but you MUST CONTACT US FIRST. Rush Orders are $150 to $250+ depending on the type of invitation/item you need and where we are shipping them, plus the time of year you are ordering. Spring months are our busiest, so we may need to charge more to accommodate the extra time spent.

Rush orders include for us to process your orders here as quickly as we can. It includes for us to rush product to us to create your order, to rush process the order outside of business hours, and also to rush ship the order to you at the fastest option available via USPS. In most cases you can receive your rush order within 10 business days or less, but again PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST so we can get you more detailed information.

I need to place a re-order.

Absolutely! We keep all of your designs on file! All we have to do is look up your order by name and can re-print and re-make your products! We keep this on file for you for up to 1 year. This way we can go back and create matching items for you to match your invitations and other products!


Graphic Design F.A.Q.


Why should I choose you for my designs?

DP is professional, talented, knowledgeable, flexible, we keep ALL of your designs on file for up to 5 years, we can save you a ton of time and money because we offer the printing of all of the items we design, and most importantly we love what we do! To read the complete version of why you should choose us, please visit out Why Choose Us page.


Do I get to keep the logos and print items that you design for me?


YES! You will be emailed the high-resolution print designs for your print goods. Although we DO hold the Copyrights to all of our artwork and designs, you will inherit the license to use and print your designs. We will NOT use your designs for anyone else, they are all custom created for YOUR BUSINESS ONLY!

What does this mean? It's not that big of a deal. First, your LOGOS are YOURS and you can use them to do ANYTHING YOU WISH! All other designs must be used for it's intended purpose ONLY. For instance, if you purchase a business card design that template must be used as a business card design only and can not be modified, duplicated or used for anything other than a business card design, such as a postcard, a banner, a sign, etc. Each alternate design must be purchased separately.

For logos, and all other print/web designs, we do guarantee that your designs, in full, will NOT be duplicated and re-used for businesses other than your own. We provide CUSTOM DESIGN WORK ONLY.


When I purchase a design, how many drafts will you send?

Please check separately for each item, but generally we send 1 to 3 design drafts upfront for your review. You pick one design that you like, let us know of any changes you would like to see made to it, and we will send 2 revised versions of your chosen design after that. Any designs needed AFTER these 2 versions are charged per change/request for change. As part of trying to keep our design prices low, we must do this in order to compensate ourselves for time spent working on multiple designs for hours/days/weeks at a time.


Do you sell pre-made templates on your website?

NO, we do not. All of our designs are made CUSTOM upon order. We believe that every business should have their own unique look and feel. Therefore, you can purchase your design services confidently from us and know that you will get a one-of-a-kind design that is perfectly created for you and you only!


Do you print the items that I have designed?


Yes, we can! Anything that we have designed for you we can also print. We offer glossy, matte, embossed, shimmery professional print services on thick card stock papers.

You can purchase the design and then purchase the printing of the design separately. We do this because some clients are interested in the design only and would rather print them on their own.

If you are interested in purchasing from our Printing Press and have your own design that was NOT designed by us, please contact us FIRST so we can be sure we can print it for you.


I have my own design, can you print it for me?


Yes, but please check in with us first! If you are interested in purchasing from our Printing Press and have your own design that was NOT designed by us, please contact us FIRST so we can be sure we can print it for you.


Is there a time-limit I have to get my items/website designed?

YES. **We, DOLCE PAPEL, reserve the right to deny work and refuse a refund on your purchases if 30 days have passed with no response from you, the client, without prior knowledge. This is to prevent spending months working on your logos, print designs, (prior websites), etc. Plus, we have to take new clients in order to make money, so we can not wait on you unless it was communicated prior. If after 30 days you have NOT approved your proof/s or (prior website) designs, you will be assessed a $100 fee, each 30 day sequence that has passed, for us to continue work on your designs. No exceptions. Please contact us for any questions regarding this prior to purchases.**


What if I don't like my design?

Then we will design it until you do! It's your business, your identity, and YOU need to love your designs. We can design in any style, and for any type of business. We generally send 2 proofs and allow up to 2 emails full of changes per each of our designs. If your design is not approved after this time, we only charge small fees to keep making changes for you. Incurring extra fees because you do not like your designs has rarely happened at DP.


I lost my logo files. Can you email them to me?

YES! One of the best things about choosing us as your designer/printer is that we keep everything on file! We've heard it so many times. "We lost our logo files...we lost our brochure files...my computer crashed...HELP!!" Don't worry. We're like backup for your backup. We keep all of your designs on file and can send them to with the click of an email.


Why get a website?

Are you ready to get online, get selling and/or get noticed? With today's technology-driven world, it is not only essential, it is CRUCIAL that you have a space online for your customers to visit. Whether it's an informational website, or a fully equipped e-commerce superstore, people today check things out before they visit. I have even been known to check out stores on my iPhone in the car before I even go in! Trust me, you need to have a website if you are going to be taken seriously. Your customers will be looking for your website!


Im interested in website services. Can you update my current website?


As long as it is with a host we use, then YES! Just email me and ask :)


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